Cyclone Pool Filter Cleaning System

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Introducing the Cyclone Pool Filter Cleaning System - the ultimate solution for keeping your pool cartridge filter clean and efficient.  Our goal is to simplify filter maintenance, so you can spend less time on backbreaking filter cleaning and more time splashing in your sparkling clear pool water.

With its innovative design, the Cyclone Pool Filter Cleaning System enables you to deep-clean your pool filters easily, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.  Simply connect the Cyclone Pool Filter Cleaning System to your garden hose, attach your cartridge filter, and let the magic happen.

What makes Cyclone the best tool for the job? 

#1 Effortless cleaning thanks to the filter spinning feature that is powered by water pressure.   

#2  The spray wand design enables water to penetrate deep into the pleated material of the filters and flush all of it out quickly.

Experience these benefits:

  • Reduces strain on your back and saves time
  • Deep cleans between filter pleats
  • Saves water and won’t get you messy
  • Compact and convenient for transport and storage
  • Runs off water pressure from garden hose
  • %100 Satisfaction Guarantee

Optimize your cartridge filter cleaning routine with the Cyclone Pool Filter Cleaning System. Say goodbye to clogged filters, reduced water flow, and murky pool water. Say hello to sparkling clear pool water with the help of the Cyclone Pool Filter Cleaning System. Order now and make pool maintenance a breeze!

Included in this kit:

  • Cyclone Tripod Folding Stand
  • Top Retainer
  • Bottom Retainer with Stainless Steel Ball Bearing
  • Furniture-grade PVC extension wand with brass fan-tip nozzle & shut-off valve

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