Cyclone Filter Cleaner Black Edition - Limited Clearance Stock with Black Anodized Aluminum Finish

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Limited Clearance Stock - Discontinued Item

Introducing the Cyclone Filter Cleaner Black Edition - a premium pool filter cleaning tool with a black anodized aluminum finish. This exclusive limited clearance stock item is perfect for pool owners and technicians who seek both efficiency and ergonomics in their pool maintenance routine.

Efficient and Easy to Use

Using the Cyclone Filter Cleaner Black Edition is easy and efficient. Its furniture-grade PVC extension wand with a brass fan-tip spray nozzle provides powerful and targeted cleaning, reaching deep into the pleats of your pool cartridge filter without damaging them. With this high-quality tool, you can clean your pool filter with confidence and ease, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your filter elements.

What's the difference between the Black Edition and the regular Cyclone?

This version has a black anodized aluminum center rod that is 3/4" in diameter.  Our standard version is 5/8" in diameter.  So the filter retainer parts and the size of the stainless steel ball bearing are different.  Also this version does not have a stand leg clip.  The leg clip keeps the legs together during storage and transport.

Please note that the Cyclone Filter Cleaner Black Edition is a discontinued item and available only in limited clearance stock. As such, it is offered at a discounted price. However, due to its clearance status, this product is non-returnable, and replacement parts may not be available in the future or may be 3D printed instead of injection molded. Take advantage of this exclusive offer while supplies last to enhance your pool maintenance routine.


Please Note: Stand Color May Vary and May Have Cosmetic Imperfections/Scratches

The Cyclone Filter Cleaner Black Edition comes with a stand, but please note that the color of the stand may vary from black to silver. Rest assured that regardless of the stand color or cosmetic imperfections, the performance and quality of the Cyclone Filter Cleaner Black Edition remain uncompromised.

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